Friday, November 17, 2006

It ain't easy bein' single (in Utah)

This article in the SL Trib.

Single in Utah
By Brooke Adams

Joe Simmons knows she is out there, the girl he will marry. He just hasn't found her yet, but not for lack of trying.
Simmons, 26, is not bashful or boring. He gets out there - the bars, the ball games, the parties, the malls. He has even participated in a reality TV dating show.
And he has been in love four times. Each time, for one reason or another, the match fell apart.
"I'm in a state of limbo right now," Simmons says.
But he is far from discouraged. He maneuvers through the dating scene with ease and says he gets "a lot of interest." And see, there is this woman he met this summer . . .
Not to worry, indeed.
Regardless of what happens with Miss Possibility, Simmons' dating days are likely numbered based on what the U.S. census has to say about being single in Utah.
By age 29, just 31 percent of men in Utah have never been married. The rate is even lower for women at that age: 21 percent.
Utah is the most marrying state in the nation, and single status, at least in the first half of life, is short-lived for most residents. Read on!!!


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