Saturday, October 21, 2006

New novel explores Mormonism and Schizophrenia

From Catalyst Magazine:

Mormon civilization and its schizophrenic discontents: A review of Brian Evanson's new novel, "The Open Curtain."
by Scott Abbott:

Evenson's new book (following "Altmann's Tongue," "The Din of Celestial Birds," "Father of Lies," "Contagion," "Dark Property" and "The Wavering Knife") is a rigorously realistic novel about a young man who comes to manifest many of the symptoms of classical schizophrenia. It is harrowing to be inside the mind of Rudd Theurer in the first part of the novel, "Rudd, Parsed," as he develops what must be hallucinations (neither he nor the reader is able definitively to distinguish between what is real and what he sees as real). It is doubly harrowing in the second part, "Lyndi, Adrift," to witness Rudd from the perspective of the young woman who takes him in, marries him in the LDS Temple, and then experiences his ritual-stoked delusions on her own body. And it is triply harrowing in "Hooper Amuck" to be again inside Rudd/ Hooper's mind as he tries repeatedly to make sense of his surroundings: "It took him a long moment to understand where he was. . . . It took him a moment to understand where he was. . . . For a moment he was not certain where he was" (sections 1 and 1 and 1 of part three). Read More. . .


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