Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mo's Contribute to Booming Birthrate

Who whoulda thought? This from the Daily Herald:

WELCOME TO USA: Pop. 300 million

Sometime this week, most likely today, the 300 millionth person will enter the United States. It's not known if it will be by birth or immigration, legal or illegal. With its high birth rate, low death rate and growing immigrant population, Utah County is a near-perfect snapshot of what makes our country grow and the impacts we face because of it. -- Daily Herald staff

The rising birthrate

There's a reason land keeps disappearing in Utah County. Consider this: In 2005, 11,295 babies were born in Utah. In the same time, 1,716 people died, according to the Utah Department of Health's 2005 annual report. That's less than one-sixth of the number of births. Statewide, 51,301 babies were born and 13,120 people died, a difference of almost four to one. Read On


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