Monday, October 23, 2006

Faith and fertility: Data show large families, religiosity connected

Religiousity=Big Family. Big surprise!! Bring those babies down, down, down from heaven.

From the Deseret Morning News.

Utah has long had a higher fertility rate than the rest of the United States, though it is declining along with the nation's. In 1960, Utah had a fertility rate of 4.3 compared to the nation's 3.1. In 2004, Utah had a fertility rate of 2.5 compared to the nation's 2.0, said Pamela Perlich, senior research economist at the University of Utah's Bureau of Economic and Business Research.
Perlich said Utah has followed the national trend of decreasing fertility rates and smaller households since the baby boom following World War II. Part of that trend has to do with people living longer, so there are more retirees in households of one or two people, she said.
"It's a downward slope, but Utah is above the nation," she said. "It does not just have to do with the fertility rate; it also has to do with people living longer."
However, unlike the nation, Utah still has a fertility rate above replacement levels, and it experienced an acceleration in the 1980s. Read on. . .


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